b'INTEL.COM/RESPONSIBILITY 2 years82 % suCCess$ 100m spenDinG$ 5m for oaKlanD WitH early rate Women sCHoolsIn 2018, we achieved fullIntels inclusive WarmLineWe reached our $100 millionIn 2018, 31 graduatingrepresentation 1in our U.S.service drives retention commitment for spending onseniors headed off to college workforcetwo years earlierby providing a support women-owned businessesafter completing the engi-than our 2020 goal. In earlychannel for employees. We more than a year early, andneering pathway program 2019, we announced thathave processed more than announced a new goal ofthat Intel helped launch to we had also achieved global20,000 cases with an 82% $200 million for 2020. Weencourage diverse students gender pay equity.retention rate since the spent a total of $777 millionto pursue future educationDiversity service was launched. with diverse suppliers in 2018.in science, technology,engineering, and math.anD inclusion We view pay equity as a signal of the overall health of our company, as well as a means of ensuring equity for all employees. For more than a decade, weve performed an annual compensation analysis in the U.S. to ensure We believe that to shape the future of technology,pay equity by gender and race/ethnicity. In 2018, we began globalizing our analytics and recently announced we must be representative of that future. Inclusivethat weve achieved gender pay equity globally. teams of people with diverse perspectives are more creative and innovative. Inclusion is the foundation of a high-performance workforce, where employees are empowered to do their best work. Our diversity efforts go beyond hiring and retention, to also include spending with diverse suppliers, diversifying our venture portfolio, and strengthening the technical pipeline to encourage more women and underrepresented minorities toInclusion at Intel means instilling a culture where employees can bring their full experiences and authentic selves to work while enjoyingenter and succeed in technology careers. rewarding careers. We offer 33 Employee Resource Groupssuch as the Women at Intel Network, the Intel Diverse Abilities Network, and the Network of Intel African American Employeesthat offer opportu-nities for personal and professional development, access to mentors, and volunteer activities that facilitate teamwork and build camaraderie. 1 Full representation means that Intels workforce now reflects the percentage of women and 10 underrepresented minorities available in the U.S. skilled labor market.11'