b'INTEL.COM/RESPONSIBILITY INTEL.COM/RESPONSIBILITYThe Intel Employee Service Corps (IESC) provides opportunities for employees to empower people through technology ineducation, health, agriculture, and other fields. In 2018, IESC volunteers supported 12 projects in seven countries, including new phases of projects to support infrastructure and technology needs in disaster-affected regions like post-hurricane Puerto Rico. The projects are examples of the Intel FoundationsRebuilding Communities program, a holistic approach todisaster relief that builds on immediate special matching campaigns to address longer-term rebuilding processeswith partners. Social impact ~ 1.5m Volunteer30 years Hours of impaCtOur employees surpassedIn 2018, the Intel Foundation Intel is committed to creating a better worldIntels 50th anniversary goalcelebrated 30 years ofthrough the power of our technology and theto have 50,000 employeescatalyzing positive change,give 1 million hours to and contributed approximately passion of our employees. We believe that thelocal communities, with $40 million to empowerhealth of our company and local economies bothover 68,000 volunteersstudents and communities contributing approximatelyaround the world. depend on an increasingly inclusive community 1.5 million hours. of innovators. We are committed to applying technology to broaden access to opportunity 5m Women$ 84m in CHaritableand prepare people for the jobs of the future. reaCHeD GiVinGWe also empower our employees to apply their Through the Intel She WillCharitable giving by Intelexpertise to solve global challenges, support Connect program, we met and the Intel Foundationour local communities, and inspire the nextour goal to reach 5 milliontotaled $84.2 million in We continued to expand the Intel She Will Connect program in the U.S.women in Sub-Saharan Africa2018 and approximately to support coalitions of partners working to inspire and empowergeneration of innovators around the world.with digital literacy skills two$490 million over the middle school girls from disenfranchised communities to become years ahead of schedule. past five years. technology creators and innovators. Pre- and post-program surveys found that the percentage of participants who envision themselves going to college rose from 24% to 78%, and their confidence in science and technology subjects increased from 14% to 70%. Intel employees and retirees serve as facilitators and mentors in this program, which 12 provides hands-on experiences with technology. 13'