b'INTEL.COM/RESPONSIBILITYSupply ChainMore than 10,000 tier 1 suppliers in 89 countries provide directIn 2019, Intel supply chain leaders toured an undergroundReSponSibility materials for our production processes, intellectual property,1 tin and tantalum mine in Rwanda. Their visit was part of atrip that also included engagement with miners, NGOs,tools and machines for our factories, logistics and packaginggovernment officials, and others in the Democratic Republic services, software, office materials, and travel services for Intel of the Congo (DRC) and India. Our work to responsibly source We continually work with suppliers to strengthen their capabilitiesminerals used in Intel products began more than 10 years Advancing accountability and improving as our ecosystem evolves and sustainability challenges grow. Ourago, and we are proud of the significant progress we have supplier development efforts include webinars and other onlinemade. We continue to expand our approach by assessingperformance across our supply chain createsresources, face-to-face trainings, peer learning forums, safetyand performing due diligence on salient risks across aprograms, Intel-funded third-party consulting, and more.broad range of minerals and geographies.value for Intel and our customers by helpingus reduce risks, improve product quality,and achieve environmental and social goals. Through communication, assessments, and# 1 rESPONSibLE miNEraLStOP 3 % iN cDP SuPPLy$ 15m iN FEES400 PrOGram capability-building programs, we work to raNKiNG cHaiN ratiNG rEmEDiatED ParticiPaNtSensure that our supply chain is resilient, Out of 215 evaluated Intel placed in the top 3% To prevent forced and bondedApproximately 400 suppliers, responsible, and respectful of human rights.companies, Intel received of participating companies labor, we set expectations withrepresenting over 75% ofthe top score and was thein CDPs 2019 Supplier our suppliers that workersour supply chain spendsonly one with a Superior Engagement Rating, earningshould not have to pay for in 2019, are required torating for conflict minerals 2 a Leadership (A) score fortheir employment. As a result,participate in our proactive due diligence in the our work to engage our tierwe have remediated the returnprogram designed to improve Responsible Sourcing 1 3suppliers to increase theirof over $15 million in fees tosupplier performance through Networks 2019 Mining climate and water disclosure.suppliers workers and we haverigorous commitments to 2Conflict minerals, as defined by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), is a broad the Disclosures guide. identified an additional $10compliance, transparency, term that means tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold (3TG), regardless of whether these minerals million in fees to be returnedand capability building.3 finance conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) or adjoining countries. 1Of Intels 10,000 tier 1 suppliers, we identify approximately 400 critical suppliers that we directly Tier 1 suppliers are companies from which Intel makes direct purchases.in 2020.engage through our capability-building programs. These suppliers represent more than 75% of our spends. Beyond this, we engage with critical tier 2 suppliers through our programs on forced and bonded labor, responsible minerals, and supplier diversity.10 11'