b'INTEL.COM/RESPONSIBILITY 17m vOLuNtEEr$ 1.25m tO EmPOWErThe Intel Employee Service Corps (IESC), Intels flagship skills-based HOurS GirLS volunteering program, harnessesthe passion and expertise of Intel2020 marks the silver The Intel Foundation employees to provide critical, anniversary of Intel Involved,announced $1.25 million high-impact volunteering through Intels global corporate in grants to encourage U.S.technology in education, health,volunteer program. Since middle school girls interest agriculture, and other fields. Inthe program started in 1995,in technology, engineering, 2019, IESC volunteers supportedemployees and retirees haveand computer science 10 projects in four countries: Estonia, logged over 17 million hoursthrough the Intel She WillEswatini, Kosovo, and the U.S. We of service, including 1.2 Connect initiative. believe that employees donationmillion in 2019.of skills they have honed at Intel is particularly significant because 2020 GOODiE aWarD$ 10m iN matcHiNGschools and nonprofits would haveSocial impact WiNNEr GraNtS to pay high rates for this type of assistance in the marketplace. Benevity, a global leader The Intel Foundation amplifies in CSR and employee the impact of volunteerism by Intel is committed to creating a better worldengagement software, donating cash to eligible non-presented Intel with its profits and schools where Intel through the power of our technology and the2020 BeCause Goodieemployees and U.S. retirees passion of our employees. We believe that theAward in recognition of donate at least 20 hours of the specialized skills thatservice in a year. The program health of our company and local communitiesour employees donate resulted in donations of $10 where we operate depends on an increasinglyto nonprofits. million in 2019, 1and more than $113 million over theinclusive community of innovators prepared for last 25 years. the jobs of the future. We are collaborating with others to broaden access to opportunity, address Intel launched a comprehensive artificial intelligence (AI) global challenges and support community needs,readiness program, Intel AI for Youth, in 2019. Driven in and inspire the next generation of innovators. partnership with governments and academia worldwide,the program empowers youth to create their own social impact projects by enabling them to acquire technicalskills in data science, computer vision, and coding, as wellas teaching social skills focused on AI ethics and biases,and AI solutions-building. The Intel AI for Youth programis currently available in India, Germany, Poland, Singapore,and South Korea. 1 Volunteer payments made in 2019 are for 2018 hours. Payments are processed oncethe year closes.14 1515'