b'INTEL.COM/RESPONSIBILITY KEy PErFOrmaNcE iNDicatOrS aWarDS aND rEcOGNitiONThird-party ratings and rankings give us valuable feedback on our programs and practices, and helps drive continuousrEPOrt SEctiON 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 improvement over time. Below is a selection of the corporate responsibility-related awards and recognitions that IntelOur Business and Financial Results received in 2019 and in the first quarter of 2020.Net revenue (dollars in billions) $72.0 $70.8 $62.8 $59.4 $55.4Net income (dollars in billions) $21.0 $21.1 $9.6 $10.3 $11.4 American Association of People with Disabilities and Fortune. Worlds Most Admired Companies -Provision for taxes (dollars in billions) $3.0 $2.3 $10.8 $2.6 $2.8 Disability:IN. Disability Equality Index (100% score) Ranked #1 on Social Responsibility for theResearch and development spending (dollars in billions) $13.4 $13.5 $13.0 $12.7 $12.1 Bloomberg. Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index Semiconductor Sector Capital investments (dollars in billions) $16.2 $15.2 $11.8 $9.6 $7.3 CDP. B Climate Change Rating, B Water Security Fortune. Fortune Change the World List Employees at year end (in thousands) 110.8 107.4 102.7 106.0 107.3 Rating, A Supply Chain Engagement Rating Fortune and Refinitiv. Change the World SustainabilitySafetyrecordable rate 1 /days away case rate 1,2 0.68/0.13 0.69/0.11 0.68/0.12 0.49/0.07 0.54/0.10 Center for Political Accountability. CPA-Zicklin Index All Stars Environmental Sustainability of Corporate Political Disclosure and Accountability - Fortune. Fortune Blue Ribbon Companies Greenhouse gas emissions (million metric tonnes of CO 2equivalent) 3 2.79 2.58 2.46 1.62 2.00 Trendsetter Company FTSE Group. FTSE4Good IndexRenewable energy purchased (% of global electricity use) 71% 71% 73% 80% 65% Corporate Human Rights Benchmark - Gartner. Supply Chain Top 25Energy use (billion kWhincludes electricity, gas, and diesel) 9.6 8.3 7.3 6.5 6.4 ICT Manufacturing Top FiveTotal water withdrawn (billions of gallons) 4 12.6 12.0 11.1 9.4 9.0 Corporate Knights. Global 100 Most Sustainable Human Rights Campaign. Corporate Equality IndexHazardous waste generated (thousand tons)/% to landfill 124.7/1% 95.2/4% 78.8/3% 63.6/0.7% 61.6/2% CorporationsInterbrand. Best Global Brands Non-hazardous waste generated (thousand tons)/% recycled 262/93% 129/90% 108/85% 81/82% 81/82% Corporate Responsibility magazine. 100 Best ISS. ISS QualityScore - Top scores for socialCorporate Citizensand environmental disclosure Supply Chain ResponsibilityOn-site supplier audits (third-party and Intel-led audits) 2 207 221 170 157 113 Diversity Inc. Top 50 Companies for Diversity JUST Capital and Forbes. JUST 100 EcoAct. Sustainability Reporting Performance Labrador. U.S. Transparency Awards Diversity and Inclusion of the DOW 30 Percentage of women in our global workforce 28% 27% 27% 26% 25% Military Friendly. Military Friendly CompaniesPercentage of women on our Board (%) 5 20% 20% 17% 18% 18% Extel and SRI Connect. Independent Research in Minority Engineer. Top 50 Employers Responsible Investment Survey - Top 10 Companiesfor SRI Communications MSCI. World ESG Leaders Index Social ImpactEmployee and retiree volunteer hours (in millions)/volunteerism rate 1.2/39% 1.5/64% 1.2/36% 1.2/38% 1.3/41% Ethical Corporation. Responsible Business Awards, NAFE. Top Companies for Executive Women winner in Responsible Supply Chain CategoryWorldwide charitable giving (dollars in millions) 6 $75.1 $84.2 $89.6 $122.7 $90.3 Newsweek. Americas Most Responsible CompaniesEthisphere Institute. Worlds Most Ethical CompaniesSustainalytics. Industry Leader rating and member,Fast Company. Most Innovative Companies List Global Sustainability Signatories Index Forbes and Reputation Institute. Worlds Most U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Green Power Partner Reputable Companies for Corporate ResponsibilityAwards - Award for Sustained Excellence in Green Power Use1Rate based on 100 employees working full time for one year; data is as of March 2020.2Previous years figures are updated to reflect the most current information. 2018 water withdrawn has been updated due to a misclassification at one site, resulting in an overstatementForbes. Worlds Most Reputable CompaniesWall Street Journal. Management Top 250 by 0.8 billion gallons. The corrected value reflects a significant reduction in our originally reported 2018 water withdrawn amount.and Worlds Most Valuable Brands 3Including Scope 1 and Scope 2 Market Based Method. Working Mother. 100 Best Companies For Working4We define water withdrawals, or water usage, as total gallons of incoming fresh (potable) water used.Forbes. Americas Best Large Employers, Best Employers Moms and Best Companies for Multicultural Women5Note that if all of the director nominees are elected at our 2020 Annual Stockholder Meeting, this will increase to 33%. for Women, and Americas Best Employers for Diversity6Includes total giving (cash and in-kind) from Intel Corporation and the Intel Foundation. 16 17'