b'INTEL.COM/RESPONSIBILITYINTELS STRATEGYOur ongoing focus on ethical business practices,respect for human rights, and continued performanceimprovements in our own operations and our supplyRESPONSIBLEchain will be foundational to our new strategy andGLOBALCHALLENGESambitions. We will also apply our deep experience asa leader in global manufacturing and leverage ourINCLUSIVETECHNOLOGYunique position within the technology ecosystem to INDUSTRYINITIATIVEStowards 2030: embark on a number of collaborative initiatives to INTEL SUSTAINABLEhelp our customers achieve their own sustainability OPERATIONALgoals and accelerate progress in key areas across the& SUPPLYCHAIN GOALSentire technology industry. Perhaps most importantly,Intels RIsewe will engage our employees and a broad group offRamewoRk and goals stakeholder organizations to undertake collectiveENABLINGactions and unleash the power of technology totackle critical global challenges together.Acting alone, Intel cannot achieve the broad, societal impact we aspire to. Given the complexity and scope of challenges that the world faces, weOur efforts in these spheres of influence span RESPONSIBLE INCLUSIVE SUSTAINABLEare committed to building upon what we havethree main focus areas: responsible, inclusive, Lead in advancing safety, wellness, Advance diversity and inclusion across our Be a global leader in sustainabilityand responsible business practices acrossglobal workforce and industry, and expandand enable our customers and othersalready accomplished and continuing to raise theand sustainable, each of which we are enablingour global manufacturing operations, opportunities for others through technology,to reduce their environmental impact our value chain, and beyond inclusion, and digital readiness initiatives through our actions and technologybar for ourselves and our suppliers through newthrough our technology innovation and the2030 goals.expertise and the passion of our employees.ENABLINGThrough innovation technology and the expertise and passion of our employees we enable positive change within Intel, across our industry, and beyond18 19'