b'INTEL.COM/RESPONSIBILITYSince 2008, we have linked a portion of executive andemployee compensation to corporate responsibilityfactors. In 2020, environmental-related targets includeconserving more than 5 billion gallons of water in ouroperations, restoring more than 1 billion gallons of water to our local watersheds, and increasing use of renewable energy to 75% globally.environmental44b GaLLONS OF 37b KWH OF GrEEN sustainability WatEr cONSErvED POWErWe estimate that our waterSince 2008, Intels renewable conservation efforts savedenergy supply and renewable Our long-standing commitment to environmentalapproximately 44 billion energy attribute purchases leadership helps us achieve efficiency, reducegallons of water over the have totaled approximatelypast decade, enough to 37 billion kWh of green power, costs, and respond to the needs of our customerssustain over 400,000 U.S.enough to power more thanWe have made significanthomes for one year. 1 3 million U.S. households forprogress toward our goal toand community stakeholders. We invest in 2 restore 100% of our water useone year,including 5.5 billion conservation projects and set company-wide kWh in 2019. by 2025. We are working toward achieving this goal by funding a environmental targets, seeking to drive reduc- portfolio of projects within our watersheds that will restore watertions in greenhouse gas emissions, energy use,93 % NON-HaZarDOuS17.9m LEED-cErtiFiEDin amounts equivalent to whatwater use, and waste generation. We also work WaStE rEcycLiNG SQuarE FEEt Intel consumes, while addressing with others to apply Intel technology to local water challenges. In 2019, We achieved our goal to We have achieved LeadershipIntel funded seven new projects environmental challenges such as climate recycle 90% of our non-in Energy and Environmentalbenefiting Arizona, California,change and water conservation.hazardous waste, increasing Design (LEED) certification forand Oregon watersheds, bringing our global recycling rate frommore than 17.9 million squarethe total to 21 funded projects 25% to 93% since the mid- feet of space in 50 buildings,estimated to restore more than1990s. We also achieved ouror approximately 30% of our1.6 billion gallons once complete 1Based on average U.S. household water usage figures published by thegoal to send zero hazardoustotal operational space. (equivalent to 98% of our freshU.S. Environmental Protection Agency. waste 3to landfill, a 61% water usage returned and restored).2Based on average U.S. household energy usage figures published by the U.S. Energy Information Administration. decrease in absolute3We define zero hazardous waste to landfill as equal to or less than 1%. tonnage from 2018.8 9'