b'INTEL.COM/RESPONSIBILITY a letter from our Ceo INTEL RESPONDS TO COVID-19Our shared experience in recent months combating COVID-19 has been extraordinary. The Responsible. Drive to even higher levels of safety, wellness, andIntels top priority during the COVID-19 pandemic has suffering and loss of life is tragic, and yet we are inspired by selflessness on the front lines responsible business practices in our own operations and supplybeen protecting the health and safety of our employees of our healthcare system and across our essential services, as well as the commitment of chain, including acceleration of responsible minerals sourcing individuals, organizations, and communities to do their part to protect the most vulnerable. practices. We will also collaborate with others and revolutionizeand service partners. We have increased safety proce-how technology will improve health and safety through strategicdures and are investing more than $100 million inIntel has also been transformed in this moment. Like so many, we have learned lessons and re-healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation initiatives. invented ways of working to safeguard the well-being of employees and service partners who Inclusive. Advance diversity and inclusion at Intel, includingadditional benefits to support our employees, and keep our manufacturing operations and labs functioning. This preserves a global technology doubling the number of women and underrepresented minori- working in compliance with government restrictions supply chain that underpins essential services and supports millions of people around the ties in senior leadership roles. Together with a broad range of world now working and learning remotely. We have also committed over $60 million to directly stakeholders, we will strive to make technology fully inclusive we continue to operate and enable our customers to aid our customers, partners, and communities in the fight against COVID-19. and expand digital readiness for everyone. provide vital services, tools, and infrastructure to millions. The pandemic is a powerful context for sharing Intels Corporate Responsibility Report and ourSustainable. Continue to invest in reducing our own environ- Intels multi-pronged response to the COVID-19 pandemic objectives for the decade ahead. Our commitment to positive global impact is embedded in ourmental footprint, including goals for absolute carbon emissions purpose to create world-changing technology that enriches the lives of every person on earth.reductions, 100% renewable energy use, net positive waterincludes a commitment of over $60 million to accelerate We are further inspired by the shared urgency, open collaboration, and bold action demonstrateduse, and zero total waste to landfill. We will also take on access to technology for patient care, speed scientific throughout the pandemic response. the challenge together with our customers and others to achieve carbon neutral computing through improved productresearch, and enable online learning for students, as well Today, our world is facing many serious challenges, from devastating wildfires and the urgent needenergy efficiency and sustainable designand the increasedas provide support for those in our local communities. In for action on climate change, to a deep digital divide and lack of representation and inclusion in ourapplication of technology solutions to reduce emissions in 2 technology industry, to the reality that the current pandemic demands new thinking about globalhigh-impact industries. addition, we joined the XPRIZE Pandemic Alliance, aimed health challenges we will face together in the future.Enabling. Accelerate the ways in which we will enable at accelerating solutions for COVID-19 and future pan-Intel has a long history of leadership in corporate responsibility. We have a track record of progress through our technology and the expertise and demics, and have granted free access to Intels intellectual setting ambitious goals and transparently reporting on both our progress and our challenges. passion of Intel employees.For decades, we have worked to advance progress on complex issues together with our property portfolio for COVID-19 researchers.customers and other stakeholders. We will have much more to share in the months ahead as we go after these goals, which are embedded in our business strategy This year brings an important milestone in this journeythe reporting of Intels results against and operational objectives. Equally important to me is how wethe 2020 corporate responsibility goals and the launch of our new goals and aspirations for theaccomplish our results. I firmly believe that if something is not next decade. I am proud of all the accomplishments we share in this years report. These include done with integrity, its not worth doing. Acting in an ethicalour progress reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing our use of renewable energy, reduc- manner and listening to and supporting our many stakeholders ing our water use, achieving our workforce diversity goal two years ahead of schedule, increasingespecially in times of great needare foundational to our purpose annual spending with diverse suppliers, and enabling our employees continued support of theirand culture.local communities.Im extremely proud to lead this company. Our Intel teams passion Our new 2030 corporate responsibility strategy and goals reflect even greater ambition for and drive to have a positive impact in the world every day inspires ourselves, as well as a growing sense of urgency to work with others to address challenges nomy confidence that we can achieve these bold objectives for the one can tackle alone. We are committing to accelerate the adoption of responsible, inclusive, andnext decade. sustainable practices in key areas in our operations and supply chain, and across the technology industry and society:BOB SWAN, Chief Executive OfficerIntel Corporation Intel also donated 1 million pieces of personal protective equipmentmasks, gloves, and other 2 May 14, 2020 gearto support healthcare workers. 3'